Is managing your marketing keeping you from actually working with your clients?

Do you struggle to get consistent and quality leads?

Or perhaps you have a long list of “marketing shoulds” that don’t happen because you prioritize client work, and you’re not really sure where to begin?

As tempting as it is to ignore it, your online presence MUST be attended to for a variety of reasons including:

  1. You are liable for your online reputation. [source: Attorney At Law Magazine] All of our clients that we have worked with have discovered missing and WRONG information about them online. Your state bar probably claims that YOU are responsible for this information, EVEN THOUGH YOU DON’T KNOW IT EXISTS.
  2. Data Reveals 67% of Consumers are Influenced by Online Reviews [source:]
  3. Purchasing decisions ARE affected by online reviews by over 67% [source:]. In fact, Google shared in a recent workshop that the more expensive the purchase, the deeper a prospect will dive into your online presence, reviewing content, reviews and overall reputation.

So what does your online presence include?

The short answer: everything that shows up when you search on your phone or computer.

The more comprehensive answer:

  1. Your website – and YOU on your website
  2. Social media
  3. Blog posts – on your site and on other sites
  4. Industry sites (like Avvo,, etc)
  5. Review sites like Yelp, Facebook Reviews, Google
  6. Site listings like (the latest version of the phone book)
  7. The quality of your content online – This includes content on your website, in articles, blog posts, social media and even your short profile descriptions on various listings.
    • Is the content optimized for the search engines?
    • Is the content easy to read for your customers?
    • Is the content what your customers are seeking?

Yes, all of these matter to your online presence and will impact your ability to turn an offline referral to a client.

From on-site CLE training to online review development & management to social media to strategic planning, we have your back!

LawMAX Marketing supports attorneys and law firms with all marketing needs including:

On-site Continuing Education – earn CLE credits in the comfort of your own firm.

Outsource your In-house Marketing – Be the lawyer you are great at and let us worry about your marketing.

Strategic Consulting and Assessments – Understand exactly where you are at in business, steps you need to take and where the greatest opportunity is for your business.

Interested in learning how LawMax Marketing can help you and your firm? Call us now!

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